Adobe Captivate 5 – Effects in use in a project

In my earlier post I talked about the new Effects feature in Adobe Captivate 5. I have updated one of my old projects from Adobe Captivate 4 to Adobe Captivate 5 and have used the new Effects in the project.

This gives you an idea of what you can do in your own projects with these effects. It’s a really cool feature and very quick and easy to implement in your projects.

By the way – The conversion from Adobe Captivate 4 to Adobe Captivate 5 was painless. No problems what-so-ever.

Click the image below to view the project. Not only will you see how the Adobe Captivate 5 Effects work, but you will also improve your cooking skills ;o)

Demonstration of Adobe Captivate 5 Effects




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5 Comments to Adobe Captivate 5 – Effects in use in a project
    • Noelle
    • Thanks for sharing this. It looks like you used a motion path and some sort of rotation (when the fish sauce poured and when the ingredients went into the soup). Are those new features in Captivate? If so, YAY!!!

    • Michael
    • Hi Noelle,

      Yes indeed – Motion paths, rotate, ease in & out and much much more is part of the new Adobe Captivate 5.


    • Jim Leichliter
    • Michael,

      Great article and coverage of Cp5! I’ve enjoyed the articles you put out and look forward to some more!

      Thanks for contributing to the community!

      Jim Leichliter

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    • kjn
    • Nice the picture i like is the one when the mouse is over is the picture nad the explenation show s up