Button pack 01 for Adobe Captivate

Button Pack 01 for Adobe Captivate

When I build eLearning courses with Adobe Captivate I always use navigation built with my own buttons. I do this for two reasons:

1. It allows me to create and maintain a consistent graphical design of the course.

2. It allows me to design and specify exactly how I want the navigation to look and function.

The standard buttons in Adobe Captivate are somewhat boring so I simply make my own buttons in Adobe Photoshop and import these into Adobe Captivate.

Since a lot of Captivate developers do not have access to Adobe Photoshop I decided to create a couple of “Button packs” with premade buttons. These buttons can be used in Adobe Captivate out of the box and consist of the most commonly used buttons and commands.

This pack contains 17 ready-to-use buttons in two colors. You can see the buttons below:


In addition to the 17 ready-to-use buttons you also get the Adobe Photoshop PSD source file. This allows you to create additional buttons easily and allow for a consistent design across your project.

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