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A user on the Adobe Forum asked if it was possible to navigate in Captivate projects by using a page curl animation. I thought it was a funny idea so I sat down and made a little Corner Peel Navigation widget for Captivate.


One thing I really like about Adobe is their online market place called Exchange. If you take a look at the Adobe Exchange for Flash it’s filled with great files, which you can buy and in some cases even download for free.

Adobe Captivate also has an associated Exchange – – where people can upload and download Adobe Captivate related things.

There is only one problem with the Captivate Exchange… It’s dead.. The last file uploaded was on September 11th, 2008.


I originally started off the blog by posting information and links to some stock flash components that I have used in some of my projects.

It’s been a while since I’ve done that and I found some nice components since then so I thought I would make a new post with some links to stuff you can use in Captivate.

All the files are from, which is – in my opinion – the best place to buy stock flash components. Remember that when you buy these components you also get the Flash soucefile (fla) so you can modify and customize the components to fit your projects.


This is one of my favourite files right now. It’s a quiz made in Flash and I really think it’s executed to perfection. I used this component in quite a few different projects now.

It’s easy to customize and easy to setup and get started with. You can modify most of the settings and questions in an external XML file. The file is just US$12 and that is really a bargain.


I remember this type of game from when I was a kid. It’s a simple memory game where you need to match two cards together.

It comes in two different versions. One version matches on identical cards and the other version you can match different images together. I used the latter version as a small break in a course and the user had to match product quotes with product images. It won’t report scores to Captivate or an LMS but you could implement that if you have Flash skills.


A simple straightforward multiple choice and true/false quiz, which can be used in Captivate. If you want to give your quizzes a different look than the Captivate one you can use this. Please note that in this form it will not report scores to Captivate or an LMS but if you know Flash you can write that code yourself.


If you import an flash swf into Captivate you sometimes get a warning that “this script contains _root and may not function properly”. In most cases your imported swf will still work like intended, but some swf’s might not.

Until recently the only way to fix it was to change the code in your Flash animation so it avoids using _root. I just stumpled upon an fix from Adobe, which is aimed at imported Raptivity content. However, it can be used for other swf’s that reference _root and doesn’t work in Captivate.


One of the most common questions I read on forums and blogs is how you can track your Captivate projects if you don’t have an LMS.

There are many different ways of doing this and it also depends on what you want to track. If you want to track which users complete your course, their score, time used etc. then you are looking at a rather complex scenario.


Just thought I would make a quick post about sub- and superscript in Adobe Captivate.

It is not clear from the documentation or the Captivate software itself, how you make sub- and superscript in your textboxes so here is the solution.