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I recently upgraded my Flash Player to version 10 and it wasn’t until I had to preview a project in Captivate that I discovered something was wrong.

Whenever I hit F4 or F8 the project displayed, but I couldn’t see any of the Flash animations I had added but I could see the text and static images. At first I thought it was a bug in Captivate because this particular project had a lot of added flash animations, flash interactivity and flash components with external XML file support.


One of the most important things when working with Adobe Captivate is to keep an eye on the file size of your finished project. It’s easy to sit and design a stunning course using high-res photos and custom graphics, but some tend to forget that the end-user of the product might not appreciate the increased loading time.

Luckily it is still possible to produce visually stunning courses and still keeping the file size down to an acceptable level.


Are you tired of using the same old preloaders in your Captivate projects? Well here is a change. A fully customizable preloader with 9 different color schemes.


I found these Adobe Captivate Tutorials from Adobe and thought that I would share it here on the blog.

They are pretty basic but gives a good insight into what Adobe Captivate can do.


I just finished working on a little gadget called the Captivate Key Lock.

This flash component will help keep your Captivate content secure and unable to play on other servers or locally. Now you don’t have to worry about people stealing your content and publishing it on the web any more.


A component which allows you to specify which servers your Captivate content can be played on. A great way to protect your work from being downloaded and distributed.


The progress bar is a flash based component which you can load into your Adobe Captivate projects to show the user his/her current progress in the course/project.


I just layed the finishing touches on my newly developed Flash Captivate Progress Bar.


One of the more annoying bugs in Adobe Captivate is the problem with text quality when you are using the transparent textboxes.

The text appears fuzzy and smeared and makes it hard to read. When you have spent a large amount of time making the perfect template and graphic design it sucks that the text quality will drag down your whole composition.