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Just stumbled upon this blog which gives some good insight in the upcomming Captivate…


The progress bar is a flash based component which you can load into your Adobe Captivate projects to show the user his/her current progress in the course/project.


I just layed the finishing touches on my newly developed Flash Captivate Progress Bar.

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One of the more annoying bugs in Adobe Captivate is the problem with text quality when you are using the transparent textboxes.

The text appears fuzzy and smeared and makes it hard to read. When you have spent a large amount of time making the perfect template and graphic design it sucks that the text quality will drag down your whole composition.

Captivate General Adobe Captivate information

Adobe showed off some of the new features in the upcomming Captivate 4/Captivate Next at the Adobe Learning Summit in San Jose on November 10th.

Unfortunately I wasn’t present at the ALS myself, but I found this exciting blogentry from Steve Howard that explains some of the new features.

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