• E-learning eSeminars from Adobe

    I just saw this announcement in the Adobe Captivate forum and thought I would share it here on the blog: I wanted to say hello and let you all know that we (Adobe) will be hosting a series of eLearnin...
    Dec 09, 2009 No Comments

  • SCORM 2004 4th edition

    I just noticed that ADL has released SCORM 2004 4th edition. They released it on March 31st so it will probably take a while before the mainstream LMS’ will support it, but it does have some in...
    Apr 23, 2009 No Comments

  • SCORM Diagnostic SCO

    The SCORM Diagnostic SCO is developed by Claude Ostyn and allows you to test your LMS SCORM runtime environment capabilities. It manages SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 standards. This is a great way to en...
    Nov 29, 2008 No Comments