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Stock Flash Components to be used in Adobe Captivate 3 and Captivate 4

Captivate Worldmap component

I originally started off the blog by posting information and links to some stock flash components that I have used in some of my projects.

It’s been a while since I’ve done that and I found some nice components since then so I thought I would make a new post with some links to stuff you can use in Captivate.

All the files are from, which is – in my opinion – the best place to buy stock flash components. Remember that when you buy these components you also get the Flash soucefile (fla) so you can modify and customize the components to fit your projects.

Captivate Dynamic XML based Quiz

This is one of my favourite files right now. It’s a quiz made in Flash and I really think it’s executed to perfection. I used this component in quite a few different projects now.

It’s easy to customize and easy to setup and get started with. You can modify most of the settings and questions in an external XML file. The file is just US$12 and that is really a bargain.

Captivate Memory Flip Game

I remember this type of game from when I was a kid. It’s a simple memory game where you need to match two cards together.

It comes in two different versions. One version matches on identical cards and the other version you can match different images together. I used the latter version as a small break in a course and the user had to match product quotes with product images. It won’t report scores to Captivate or an LMS but you could implement that if you have Flash skills.

Captivate Multiple choice Quiz

A simple straightforward multiple choice and true/false quiz, which can be used in Captivate. If you want to give your quizzes a different look than the Captivate one you can use this. Please note that in this form it will not report scores to Captivate or an LMS but if you know Flash you can write that code yourself.


This is one of my favourite components at the moment. In a lot of courses you need to have external PDF files with additional information. I was getting bored with the plain old non-interactive boring way of displaying PDF’s and found this component. It’s really a great way to highten the experience for the user. Furthermore this component allows the user to download your PDF file as well, which I haven’t seen before.


A quick and easy way to add life to your courses or website. This Image rotator is XML driven so you don’t need working knowledge of Adobe Flash in order to use it.


A nice and smooth animation of an opening stage curtain in red. Great for introductions or announcements in your courses.

You will need Adobe Flash in order to edit the text in the file.


Here’s another great and interactive component to display information in courses or on websites.

It’s easy to customize and use in your projects.

It’s XML based so you don’t even need to use Adobe Flash to change it.

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