1. Well, for what it’s worth, I really like webfaction. Been using them for a number of years now. It is developer-centric (started, I believe, as a service specific to Python developers, which is why I started with them). I’ve hosted numerous Drupal, WordPress, Django, and other applications as well as of course static sites with no issues.

    It’s $10 a month (no contract) for a good amount of RAM, SSD, etc. for a shared account. Not sure about VPS.

    • Hi Mark,

      Thank you for the tip. I will add them to my list. For now I moved everything to EuroVPS, which seem to be pretty good but I simply just wanted to get as far away from A Small Orange as possible. I just read on their status page that they still have clients who have been without access to the VPS since December 25th. That is a really long time to wait 🙂


  2. Michael,
    If they have a up-time guarantee, you can probably use that to leverage getting your money back. The second issue to raise, if you have a lawyer, is a breach of contract since they were not providing the service for which you specifically paid.

    • Hi Chris,

      They did have an up-time guarantee, but it doesn’t apply to their VPS product as the customer has the power to mess up their account and server settings themselves. Due to that they don’t provide an up-time guarantee, which is actually fair enough. However – when the downtime is system-wide and not caused by the customers, then it is not fair that no compensation is being offered.

      It actually ended with me getting a refund for the 9 months I had left on the contract. I guess they got tired of me in the end, but it did take 2 months for them to actually pay out the money.

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