2010 goals and ambitions


2010 – a brand new year is awaiting with all it’s interesting challenges and problems to be solved. For me 2010 will also be the year where I will have a new little person in my life. My wife is pregnant and due in just 4 weeks. A very exciting time for me and something I look forward to immensely.

On the professional side I have some ambitions in regards to skills that I wan’t to either improve or learn from scratch.

  • I would like to improve my ActionScript 3 skills.
  • I would like to learn a secondary programming language such as PHP or ASP.
  • I would like to get a Adobe Captivate ACE  certification. I have been putting this on hold for a long time now since the existing certification only covers Adobe Captivate 3. I was hoping that Adobe would have launced an ACE in Adobe Captivate 4, but now I seriously doubt that Adobe will do that.

In regards to the www.cpguru.com blog I have the following ambitions for 2010:

  • Change the design of the blog from it’s current design.
  • Post more ;o)
  • Focus a bit more on tutorials in regards to Adobe Flash / Adobe Captivate integration.
  • Start clearing out my to-do list in regards to components and widgets. I have a looong list of things I would like to create but haven’t had time to do. Now it’s time to either scratch them from the list or get the ball running.

In addition to the above I have some personal goals and ambitions so 2010 will be an interesting year.

To kick of 2010 I am preparing a small tutorial on how to create a custom right-click menu in Adobe Flash that you can use in your Adobe Captivate projects. It should be ready some time tomorrow.



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