Quick Tip: _root problems with imported swf’s in Captivate projects


If you import an flash swf into Captivate you sometimes get a warning that “this script contains _root and may not function properly”. In most cases your imported swf will still work like intended, but some swf’s might not.

Until recently the only way to fix it was to change the code in your Flash animation so it avoids using _root. I just stumpled upon an fix from Adobe, which is aimed at imported Raptivity content. However, it can be used for other swf’s that reference _root and doesn’t work in Captivate.

Information on how to fix this problem can be found here: http://blogs.adobe.com/preran/2009/02/_root_issue_in_adobe_captivate.html



  1. The fix does work BUT it only works once per Captivate file. This isnt ideal ! The first Raptivity file worked fine inside Captivate, I tried to insert another with the fix on another frame but it then stopped working.

    Frustrating !