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What will the Bookmark Widget for Adobe Captivate do:

The Bookmark / Resume Widget for Adobe Captivate allows a user to return to your course from where they left off the last time. It keeps track of this by using a Local Shared Object on the users PC. It will work for projects published to SWF or EXE. It will work for projects run locally on a machine or projects delivered online through regular webpages, intranet and LMS’.

When a user returns to your course / project they will be prompted and asked if they want to resume or not. The bookmark will automatically be reset once a user reaches the last slide of your project.


Click here to see a demonstration of the Bookmark / Resume Widget in action.


Please note that you should not use this component in Captivate files that contain quiz questions in the middle of your project. While it would be possible to store a users answers to questions it is not possible to inject these back into Captivate. Therefore if you have a project with quiz questions the bookmark component will only remember the location of their last visit – not if they answered any questions. Resuming a project past a bunch of questions will set them as skipped in Captivate and will almost certainly result in the user failing your quiz. The bookmark component is only suitable for project that contain regular content or non-scorable objects.


The Bookmark / Resume Widget for Adobe Captivate requires Captivate 5 or 5.5.

Package contents:

The download package contains two (2) Widgets.

One Widget for Adobe Captivate 5 and 5.5. This Widget will work for projects published as SWF and EXE.

One Widget for Adobe Captivate 4. This Widget will work for projects published as SWF and EXE.

The download package also contains a help document.

Buy the component

01 x Single Developer License – $35
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03 x Single Developer License – $94.50
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05 x Single Developer License – $140
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10 x Single Developer License – $245
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25 x Single Developer License – $525
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If you buy the component I offer a free change of the text in the component. If you want to change the design to match your corporate ID I can do this for a US$ 15 fee. If you purchase the Multiple User License or the Enterprise License any design modifications are free.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Question: When I insert the component in Adobe Captivate all I get is a blank box. Is that normal?
Answer: Yes that is perfectly normal. In Edit view in Adobe Captivate all you get is a blank box. However, once you publish your project it will work just fine.

Question: What’s all this license stuff. I just want to use it in my projects?
Answer: The license stuff is actually pretty simple. If you want to use this component in your projects (personal or professionally) then in 90% of the cases you just need to buy the Single User License. This license can be used by you in any number of projects for any number of users. The projects can be personal or for the company where you work. However, the projects need to be used internally in the company where you work. You cannot add this component to a course / project that you intend to resale to an external client. In that case you would need to re-purchase the Single User License again per external project.

The Multiple User License is just like above, but here all your developers in your company can use it. What if you are only 3 developers? Well then just buy 3 x Single User Licenses. If you are more than 5 people that needs to use it then the Multiple User License is cheaper for you.

The Enterprise License gives you the right to use the component in all your courses – internal or external, resale or giveaways you name it. I can even modify the component with your own Corporate ID & Brand if you want that.

Question: We have a shared computer but people login to the computer/domain with their own user details. Will the bookmark be stored for each user?
Answer: Yes if your users logon to a computer with a unique sign-on then the bookmark will be stored for each user individually.

Question: Are we able to change the text in the component ourselves?
Answer: No not at this time. However, I offer a free customization service for text alterations. If you purchase the component just send me a mail afterwards with the new text you want to have added.

Question: I really would like to change the design of the component so it has my company logo and corporate identity. Is it possible to change that?
Answer: Yes it’s possible. I charge a fee of US$15 to do the design modifications for you. I need the relevant graphics as well as a mock-up of how you would like the final result to look like.

Question: Can I use this component together with the TOC in Adobe Captivate 5?
Answer: Yes as long as you disable the “Self Paced Learning” option in the TOC settings then it will work just fine.

Question: Can I use this component in a course delivered through an LMS?
Answer: Yes that is no problem at all. However, if you published the SCORM package directly from Captivate then you need to be sure that “Never send resume data” is deselected first in the Reporting settings.

Question: What if I buy it and it doesn’t work. Can I get a refund?
Answer: No if you purchase the product you can’t get a refund. The component has been tested extensively on all types of systems, browsers etc. without any issues. However, I can provide you with a test version of the bookmark component if you are worried about it not working. Send me an email and I will send you a demo version of the component back by email.



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  2. Hi, I bought this widget yesterday and am encountering a problem. I followed the instructions to make this work when published via Captivate 4, but when I launch the published e-learning, the widget stays on screen throughout each of the slides, neither “Yes” or “No” is clickable, and the yellow colour sort of flickers on those options. I’m sure I’ve done something wrong, but if you could advise, I’d be grateful thanks!


  3. @Ryan – you write that you published in Captivate 4. This widget where you are writing your comment is for Captivate 5 only. The Captivate 5 widget will not work in Captivate 4 so that’s probably your problem.

    Contact me through my site (contact) and then we can figure something out.


  4. Hey Michael,
    Any progress on the demo version? I’d like to take advantage of this widget but I can’t justify (to my superiors) purchasing unless I get a demo working…


  5. @ Greg – I sent a demo version to the email you supplied in the comment above. If it doesn’t reach you then send me an email through the contact page and I’ll re-send it.


  6. @ Greg – I’m getting an returned email with “Mailbox not found” so shoot me an email through my contacts page and I’ll get the demo version to you.


  7. Hi will this work if you have links to other modules? i.e. if you launch module 1 which contains a link to module 2, will the widget take you to where you left off in module 2 when you re-launch module 1?


    • Hi Lou,

      No unfortunately not. This will only work in individual files. Meaning that it would set a bookmark for “chapter 1” and a separate bookmark for “chapter 2”.


  8. Hello,
    Does this use SCORM cmi data lesson_Location if you have SCORM chosen as a publishing option or does this only store the bookmark info locally? If not compatible with SCORM bookmarking, this might be a nice addition to the widget.

    • It stores the bookmark locally only. Unfortunately it is not possible to make a widget that will use the SCORM framework out of the box. There are too many different scenarios and LMS’ so it would be a support nightmare for me. Also as far as I know the Captivate SCORM support files, does not open and close a SCO and set the lesson_status as required to use the


  9. Hi Michael:

    I’m looking for single SCO SCORM publishing (with TOC displayed) where your bookmark widget sends the user to the page after the last completed page (AND) maintains the checkmarks for completed pages.

    Will you Widget maintain the checkmarks for completed pages?

    If so, can you provide me the demo version of this?

    As well, do you know a solution for the ShowCC issue?
    Since upgrading to CP5.0.2, the show CC solution that has always worked is now broken again. i.e. CC displays on left side in darker grey box

    Best Regards,
    Dennis Hall

  10. OminousPurple on

    Hi Michael,

    Can I please have a test/sample version of the Bookmark/Resume widget? I’d like to test before purchasing – the LMS we use is very stubborn, and won’t keep track of our user’s progress through their courses. If it works well, I’ll most likely be purchasing at least one license.

    Much appreciated, thanks!

  11. Hi Michael,
    Great widget and great support. There was a Captivate bug which caused some problems with scaling .swf exports from my training when using the Bookmark widget. Problem was fixed in a very timely manner. Thanks again!

  12. After having an issue with getting the built-in resume functionality of Captivate to function consistently I would also like to test out a demo of the product before committing to a fully licensed version.

  13. Hello,
    I was wondering if you will be creating a version of this widget for captivate 6. We currently have this version for 5/5.5, but discovered that it doesn’t work with 6.

    • Hi Melissa,

      Yes I do intend to update the Bookmark / Resume widget to work with Adobe Captivate 6, but it has proven more tricky than I had anticipated.

      Once an updated version is ready I will post a notification here on the site and also send out an email with a download link to all previous buyers.


    • Hi Sara,

      No it does not work with Captivate 6. I’m currently reviewing if it is worth creating a new Bookmark Widget for Adobe Captivate 6 or not.


  14. Hi Michael,

    Have you got this for Captivate 6?
    I need something to get the module to restart as a new session so that users get a new set of randomised question. Currently, the LMS does not have a selection for users to start it as a new session.

    Please let me know. Thanks!

    • Sorry for the late reply.. Your comment got caught in my spam filter.

      No unfortunately I haven’t gotten around to make a Captivate 6 version yet. It is still on my to-do list, but it seems like every time I start programming the Bookmark Widget, a new more important task appears.


  15. Hi Michael,

    If it is not worth it for you to update this Widget would you be willing to make the source code available as open source so someone can?

    Best regards,


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