Adobe Photoshop image deblurring sneak preview


I just saw a Youtube video from the Adobe Max 2011, where Adobe showed a sneak peek of a new feature they are working on in Photoshop.

Basically it’s a way to “deblur” your images that have been blurred due to you (or others) moving the camera while having the shutter open. I’m sure that you know this from personal experience – I know I have quite a few of these images that turned out bad and blurry.

This sneak peek is just unbelieveably cool – This “deblurrer” will analyze the image to work out something Adobe calls a Blur Kernel and based on that it will correct your image so it’s nice and sharp.

Let’s hope this makes it into Adobe Photoshop CS6 ;o)

[youtube id=’xxjiQoTp864′ width=’600′ height=’400′ /]






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