Advanced Google Maps Widget for Adobe Captivate


NOTICE: Unfortunately Google has decided to shut down the Google Maps API as of January 31st, 2011. This means that this widget will not work after that date. You can read more about Googles decision to shut down the Maps API here.

Advanced Google Maps Widget for Adobe Captivate

What does the widget do:

The Advanced Google Maps Widget allows you to load and use Google Maps in your Adobe Captivate 4 and Captivate 5 projects. The widget will allow you to customize the map view by altering the following settings found in the Widget Properties / Widget Parameters inside Adobe Captivate.

РMap latitude and longitude (where the map should be centered)
– Map size
– Initial zoom level of the map
– Type of map displayed per default (Normal, Hybrid, Sattelite, Physical).
– Display the Pan navigation control on the map
– Display the Zoom controls on the map
– Display the Scale of the map
– Display the Map Type controls and allow the user to switch the map view
– Display the Overview map
– Disable user dragging the map

Advanced Google Maps Widget Properties


Click here for a demonstration of the Advanced Google Maps widget in action.


– An Adobe Captivate 4 AS3 or Adobe Captivate 5 project
– A Google Maps API key. The API key is free and can be created here.
– A computer with an Internet Connection.

Buy the widget:


Sorry – widget is not for sale anymore. Read the notice above.

Additional information:

Please read the information carefully when creating your Google Maps API key. The key is locked to your domain so it is very important to write the correct domain. As an example – if you enter as your domain then the API key will only work for files located in that exact directory. In order to make a API key that will work for your entire site simple write


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