AS3 DomainLock Widget for Adobe Captivate 5 updated


The AS3 DomainLock Widget for Adobe Captivate 4 and Adobe Captivate 5 have now updated.

A buyer notified me of a problem with some audio still playing in the background even though the project was played from an unauthorized domain. This bug has been fixed.

Another fix that have been implemented is that a Captivate project containing this widget will now scale. Previously once you added a widget to a Captivate project then it would no longer scale up and down, but this have been corrected in this update.

All previous buyers of the AS3 DomainLock Widget have recieved an email with a download link to the new widget. If you have previously bought the AS3 DomainLock widget and not recieved this email please contact me through my site.



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