AS3 Email Reporting Widget updated


As promised the new and improved Adobe Captivate AS3 Email Reporting Widget is now live on the site. I have updated the files with the new functionality and added a live demonstration of the Adobe Captivate Widget as well.

You can read the full documentation and try the live demo hereĀ – AS3 Email Reporting Widget.

What is new in this version:


– The percentage is now rounded to two decimals (86.67% instead of 86.66666666666%)

– The Time Completed now comes in the HH:MM:SS standard (09:07:45 instead of 9:7:45)

– Captivate projects using this widget will now scale up and down.

– Added functionality to allow the student to recieve a copy of the email as well.

– Added support to send 14 custom variables from the widget instead of 5 in the earlier version.

– Added a new version that supports ASP.

As always previous buyers of the AS3 Email Reporting Widget have recieved a free upgrade. If you have not recieved the update email please contact me through my site.



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