Back from vacation again


Just a quick little notice to let you know that I am back from my vacation now. Batteries recharged, lots of new ideas and ambitions so I look forward to the next couple of months.  The vacation was great and we only had one problem during the month we were away. Halfway through our vacation my Amazon Kindle Ebook reader died…  More about that in a later post through because the ending to that story is actually quite fantastic.

I have a variety of things planned for the upcoming months here on the blog. The two major things are implementation of an online shop to sell my Adobe Captivat Widgets from and a brand new design of the blog. The shop is something I have been wanting to do for a long time in order to make it more easy and straight forward to purchase and download widgets. Along with the shop I will also introduce a new pricing structure and discount system.

I have two new Adobe Captivate Widgets that are nearly completed and I have 6 new Adobe Captivate Widgets on the drawing board. Furthermore I am planning a new series of posts here on the blog that will deal with and go in detail with a lot of the common grey areas in Adobe Captivate.

Hope that you all have had a great summer so far!



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