Blog maintenance


I did some much needed maintenance on my site tonight. My webhost have been having some problems with their delivery speed of pages the last couple of days and the database on this site was getting massive so I thought it would be a good idea to clean up the database a bit. One of the tables had 176.000 entries so that one was getting out of hand ;o)

Well I cleaned up the databases and I also disabled user registration once again. It seems like 99.5% of the people actually registering are either Russian or Chinese spammers anyway and since there is no real benefit for users to register I might as well turn it off.

I also upgraded the site to the latest version of WordPress and removed a couple of plugins and optimized all the database tables. All in all it should make the site load a bit quicker.

Next project for the site will be to get a new layout since I’m getting a bit tired of the current one. This is a major project though so I don’t think it will happen before early 2010.




  1. That’s probably the problem to your hosting provided. Or you needed to upgrade your services. You probably have thousand of hits per day that why it’s overloading.

  2. Yes I think that you are right about that. I need to look into moving this to a better webhost. Do you have any suggestion for a good hosting provider?