Bookmark widget – Now with EXE support ;o)


I have had a few request about getting the Bookmark Widget to work with Captivate EXE projects so I thought it would be time to take a look at it.


The existing Bookmark Widget uses the published file name to create the Shared Object. When publishing to EXE the component won’t be able to grab the filename and therefore it wouldn’t know which name to use to create the Shared Object.

This new version uses the Adobe Captivate Project name instead and therefore works with EXE files as well. NB! This will only work with Adobe Captivate 4.

I also fixed a small (but annoying) issue where the component actually bookmarked page 1 and subsequently presented you with the prompt on the first page asking if you wanted to resume from where you left off.

I have updated the purchasable zip file so it now contains the original version (but updated to not bookmark page 1) and the new version that allows you to use it with EXE projects. Both files will be included if you purchase the component.

Previous buyers will of course get the updated components for free. I will send you the package by email shortly. If you do not receive an email from me then please send me an email to admin (at) and I will forward it to you.

I have a few other requests in regards to adding extra functionality to the Bookmark Component and I will take a closer look at those shortly. More specifically some are interested in storing a name or an employee number along with the Shared Object so that people working on shared computers will be able to keep individual bookmarks. I also had some requests to look into having the component store the bookmark in a database so it can be accessed from any location.

The name/employee number version will most likely be included in the existing package once it’s done, but the database component (if I can make it work properly) will be a separate item that needs to be purchased individually.




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  2. Good to know about this. The bookmark widget working with individual bookmarks will be a must!

  3. Yes I fully agree. I actually got it working now, but I will redo it. I made the input boxes in Flash, which was the quickest way to do it. However, I decided to use a different approach for Captivate 4 and use a Text Entry Box and a userdefined variable. That way the designer will have much more control on where and how the user should enter their name/email/employee number or whatever.

    Should have everything ready in a couple of days.