Adobe Captivate 4 demonstrations and tutorials


I don’t know if you guys seen these already but they are pretty worthwhile. These demonstrations are done by RJ Jacquez who is a Senior Product Evangelist at Adobe.

The entire presentation can be found here:

Below are the interesting topics broken up into smaller chunks.

Adobe Captivate, Photoshop and Flash:

Adobe Captivate and Bridge:

Adobe Captivate and Flash widgets:

Adobe Captivate and Soundbooth:

Adobe Captivate reviewing:

Publishing to PDF, AVI, Flash and Dreamweaver:

If you find some interesting demonstrations or showcases of Adobe Captivate 4 content please post a comment here so others can benefit from it.


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  1. I am not sure this is the place to do it, but I just had to crow a little. Our client changed course mid-stream saying that the massive Job Aid we created in Captivate 3 now had to work with their LMS. In desperation, we downloaded the trial version of Captivate 4. In short – the comments we received were “WOW, DUDE!” and “It works really fast on our LMS.” Thanks, Adobe Captivate 4! I have purchased the upgrade and am now in the process of downloading the speech module. I can’t wait to try it!