Captivate 4 sneak-peak


Adobe showed off some of the new features in the upcomming Captivate 4/Captivate Next at the Adobe Learning Summit in San Jose on November 10th.

Unfortunately I wasn’t present at the ALS myself, but I found this exciting blogentry from Steve Howard that explains some of the new features.

It sounds very promising indeed. The features that I like the most are as follows

  • The ability to work with your own custom variables in Captivate projects. This opens up for many new and exiting possibilities.

  • Flash Widgets which are specially designed flash SWF files that can communicate with your Captivate project. Once again a very exciting perspective since you can develop your own custom widgets and add them in your Captivate courses.

  • The possibility to import layered Photoshop PSD files. Right now you have to import each layer/file seperately into Captivate. It’s a time-consuming job if you have complex templates or page designs. If you can keep all your graphics in just one PSD file and import it all into Captivate at one time then it will make the workflow easier and quicker and also it will make it easier to change the graphics later since you only need to edit one PSD file containing all your graphics for that particular page.


  1. I’m wondering how to collect the names of people who watch my captivate presentation. Of over 100 employees, how can I track who actually entered my captivate courses (and when).

    Any knowledge on how to do this?


  2. Hi Tracey,

    The “easiest” way would be to deploy your Captivate presentation through an LMS (Learning Management System). You can get open source LMS’ that will run Captivate presentations / courses without any problems. Checkout Moodle, Efront, Claroline or just google free LMS.

    Another option would be to create a Flash/PHP script to capture the name that the user enters in your presentation and write that to an SQL database.