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Sorry – This Adobe Captivate 4 widget has retired. If you are looking for Adobe Captivate widgets for newer versions follow this link. If you are still using Adobe Captivate 4 then it might be time to consider an update – click here to read more about the current version of Adobe Captivate.

If you are looking for the Bookmark Widget for Adobe Captivate 5 and Adobe Captivate 5.5 please follow this link.


The Bookmark / Resume Widget for Adobe Captivate allows a user to return to your course at their last exit point. It keeps track of this by using a Local Shared Object on the users PC.


Package contents:

The package contains three (3) separate componets.

One component for Adobe Captivate 2 & Adobe Captivate 3 projects. This component will only work for projects published as SWF. There is no support for EXE publishing.

One component for Adobe Captivate 4. This component will work for projects published as SWF and EXE.

One advanced component for Adobe Captivate 4. This component allows you to pass a variable from Captivate 4 through a standard text entry box. This will allow you to keep multiple bookmarks for individual users on a shared PC.

How does it work?

The Bookmark Component is an animation that you insert into Adobe Captivate which then keeps track of the users progress in your course/presentation and stores it in a shared object on the users computer. If a user exits your project before having viewed all of it then it will store the pagenumber and remember this the next time the users launces your project. The user will then be given a choice on whether to continue from where they left off or start over again. Once a user has viewed your course/project to the end it will automatically reset the bookmark.

This process is similar to what we normally do in LMS when we deploy Adobe Captivate content although the progress status is stored in the LMS database instead of on the users computer.

Requirements / Specifications:

The component works with Adobe Captivate 2, Adobe Captivate 3 and Adobe Captivate 4. It is built using ActionScript 2 so if you use it in Captivate 4 it needs to be an AS2 project. For Adobe Captivate 4 projects the component needs to be embedded into the project (this is the standard setting) – It will not work if you choose to “Externalize Animations”.

The component requires Flash Player 8 on the users computer as a minimum. Component has been tested with IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox 2 & Firefox 3.

Please note that you should not use this component in Captivate files that contain quiz questions in the middle of your project. While it would be possible to store a users answers to questions it is not possible to inject these back into Captivate. Therefore if you have a project with quiz questions the bookmark component will only remember the location of their last visit – not if they answered any questions. Resuming a project past a bunch of questions will set them as skipped in Captivate and will almost certainly result in the user failing your quiz. The bookmark component is only suitable for project that contain regular content or non-scorable objects.


You can see a demonstration of it here. The demonstration consists of 5 slides. Each slide is displayed for 4 seconds. The first slide contains the bookmark swf, which is set to display for rest of project. Once you launch the demonstration it stores some data on your PC and records your progress. If you exit the demonstration before the last page and then return you will be asked if you want to continue or not. The last page of the demonstration resets the bookmark to zero again.

To see a demonstration of the component with the user defined input click here



If you buy the component I offer a free change of the text in the component. If you want to change the design to match your corporate ID I can do this for a US$ 15 fee. If you purchase the Multiple User License or the Enterprise License any design modifications are free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Question: When I insert the component in Adobe Captivate all I get is a blank box. Is that normal?
Answer: Yes that is perfectly normal. In Edit view in Adobe Captivate all you get is a blank box. However, once you publish your project it will work just fine.

Question: What’s all this license stuff. I just want to use it in my projects?
Answer: The license stuff is actually pretty simple. If you want to use this component in your projects (personal or professionally) then in 90% of the cases you just need to buy the Single User License. This license can be used by you in any number of projects for any number of users. The projects can be personal or for the company where you work. However, the projects need to be used internally in the company where you work. You cannot add this component to a course / project that you intend to resale to an external client. In that case you would need to re-purchase the Single User License again per external project.

The Multiple User License is just like above, but here all your developers in your company can use it. What if you are only 3 developers? Well then just buy 3 x Single User Licenses. If you are more than 5 people that needs to use it then the Multiple User License is cheaper for you.

The Enterprise License gives you the right to use the component in all your courses – internal or external, resale or giveaways you name it. I can even modify the component with your own Corporate ID & Brand if you want that.

Question: We have a shared computer but people login to the computer/domain with their own user details. Will the bookmark be stored for each user?
Answer: Yes if your users logon to a computer with a unique sign-on then the bookmark will be stored for each user individually.

Question: Are we able to change the text in the component ourselves?
Answer: No not at this time. However, I offer a free customization service for text alterations. If you purchase the component just send me a mail afterwards with the new text you want to have added.

Question: I really would like to change the design of the component so it has my company logo and corporate identity. Is it possible to change that?
Answer: Yes it’s possible. I charge a fee of US$15 to do the design modifications for you. I need the relevant graphics as well as a mock-up of how you would like the final result to look like.

Question: Can I use this component together with the TOC in Adobe Captivate 4?
Answer: Yes as long as you disable the “Self Paced Learning” option in the TOC settings then it will work just fine.

Question: Can I use this component in a course delivered through an LMS?
Answer: Yes that is no problem at all. However, if you published the SCORM package directly from Captivate then you need to be sure that “Never send resume data” is deselected first in the Reporting settings.

Question: I tried to insert this as a widget in Adobe Captivate 4 but I get a message saying “Not a valid widget”. What am I doing wrong?
Answer: Just insert he component as an Animation instead and then it will work. I named it “Bookmark Widget” before Adobe Captivate 4 was launched, so I was not aware that they had adopted this term.

Question: What if I buy it and it doesn’t work. Can I get a refund?
Answer: No if you purchase the product you can’t get a refund. The component has been tested extensively on all types of systems, browsers etc. without any issues. However, I can provide you with a test version of the bookmark component if you are worried about it not working. Send me an email and I will send you a demo version of the component back by email.

Question: I really need an AS3 version. Can you please make me one?
Answer: I would love to, but I am not really that well into AS3 yet. I have an AS3 version of the component on my agenda, but I can’t say when it will be ready.

Question: I also bought the DomainLock Widget and want to use both of them in the same project. Is that possible?
Answer: Yes that is possible. Place the DomainLock widget on the timeline first and then the Bookmark Widget afterwards.

Further information:

Read the original blog post and comments here:



  1. This looks great! I have one question though – are we able to change the text of the “Do you want to start again from the point you left off” text? I know I’m being picky but I’d love something simple like: “Would you like to resume your session? Click yes to resume or no to start again”.

    Other than that it’s great! (Will be buying as soon as my client says go ahead!)



  2. David Childers on

    Hi Michael,

    What are the licensing terms for this widget. If I were to purchase it, do you only license it for a single user, or would it be available to all the developers at my organization (about 10 developers)?



  3. Hi Andy,

    I can change the text for you and there is no need to worry about being picky ;o) I did quite a few changes of the text for people who needed it in Italian and Russian language.

    If you buy the component you can send me an email afterwards to admin (at) with the text you want and then I’ll change it and mail it back to you.


  4. Hi David,

    I just updated the post with info about licensing terms.

    Originally it was a single user license although it wasn’t actually clear until you bought and downloaded the component. I have had some emails regarding multiple users in a company using the component in their projects and I decided to offer a Multiple User License. If you have more than 6 people that will be using the component this will be the cheapest solution.

    The third license I added is a license for unlimited users but also allows you to use the component in projects you or your company produce with the intent of resale to external customers.


  5. Can this be changed to write the bookmark to a javascript variable that I can then store in a database.
    Then when the user returns, it reads from a javascript variable that contains the bookmark that I retreived from the database?


    • Hi Jerry,

      It could be modified to do that but I expect that you would also need to write some form of username in the DB to identify the user later.

      Get in touch at if you want to discuss this in more detail.


  6. Hi,

    is it possible to use the bookmark with a LMS where the position is saved in the LMS and not on the PC? But with the pop-up.


  7. Hi Dennis,

    No this component cannot do that. I had the question before so I am currently looking into if it’s possible to do or not.

    I have been analyzing the suspend_data where Captivate stores the progress in an LMS, but it is a pretty complicated issue.

    I will put a post on the blog if this turns out to anything.


  8. Well the database is really an LMS,but the content is stored on a different server in a different domain.
    So I use a proxy script to do all my AICC LMS communications.

    I just need a widget that can capture the last slide the user is on or just left from send it to a JS variable or call a JS function.
    That (my) coded function would handle all the LMS communications with my proxy script.

    Then when the use returns, the widget reads from a JS variable the slide bookmark and then uses that to jump to the bookmarked slide of they so choose to.

  9. Jerry – get in touch with my by email at and we can see if we can get it to work.

    If you already have the javascripts then it shouldn’t be difficult to modify the existing widget to call and receive data from a javascript function.


  10. I am having trouble getting my bookmark to display. It appears to be loading into my project but all I am getting in the edit view is a blank box. Is this normal?

    When I publish the project I can’t get the bookmark to activate; any help would be appreciated.


  11. Hi thedarf,

    As for the edit view – yes that it normal. You wouldn’t see anything other than a blank box in your Captivate project.

    Did you follow the instructions in the help file?

    Insert the bookmark on the first slide. Set it to start/show at 0.5 seconds. Set it to display for rest of project. Select no transitions.

    That’s it. After you publish your project it should work just fine. Remember if you view your project to the end then the bookmark will automatically reset since there is is no point in keeping the last page of a project bookmarked.


  12. Hi Micheal,

    This looks like a great widget. Couple of questions:

    1. I’ve read on another page regarding multi-users on the same shared PC. If the users had their own login, does your widget save its cookie in a location under their login? I basically need it to do the job, but with multi users with their own login.

    2. Licensing: I intend to put this into a project i’m doing for a company I work for. The end users are going to be around 20 employees – can I acheive this with the single user license (it willl only be me installing and using the widget).

    I am using Captivate 4.

    Many thanks for your help.

  13. Hi James,

    If your users logon to the system with a unique user name then yes it would store the bookmark status for each user.

    As for the licensing yes you would be able to do that. If you are employeed by that company the you can use it for as many employees and projects as you want. If you do freelance work for a company you would also be able to use it under the single use license, but you would have to purchase a new license if you were to use it in a subsequent project or another client.

    I am currently on vacation so I wont be around a computer that much the next couple of weeks. However feel free to put a comment here and I will respond when I get the chance.


  14. Danielle Green on

    Hi Michael-

    I just purchased this file and the preloader. You are so fantastic. I have 2 questions

    1. If I send the file you will you change the text for me (bookmarking file)?

    2. Are you planning on coming out with anymore apps?

    You are such a great developer and we really need someone like you to make these apps.

    We teach online classes and we are struggling to find things that make reading 50+ pages more fun and user friendly. These students have to take a quiz at the end and so they really do have to read (some classes can have up to 150 pages) uggghhhh. If you have any advice on what widgets to add or sites with good layout structures, I would so much appreciate it. Also, thank you for you blog and tutorials, you really are a so helpful. Thanks again.

    Danielle Green

  15. Hi Danielle,

    Thanks for purchasing and the kind words :o)

    Right now I am on a vacation in Thailand so I can’t do much from here. However, I will be back on August 5th and then I will be happy to change the text for you.

    Just send me an email to admin (at) with the text you want to have in the bookmark widget and then I’ll change it as soon as I come back.

    As for other developments – yes I am planning to make some more components for Captivate, but it’s hard to find the time.

    Right now I am working on a major project for Captivate that I hope will be finished in about a month or so. After that I have a couple of other components I would like to develop as soon as I get the time.

    As for layout structures etc. it’s a bit hard to suggest something when I don’t know what your current setup looks like. Drop me an email and then I can look at it when I’m back from Thailand.


  16. Hi Michael,

    This certainly looks like a widget I’d be interested in. One question about how it works: when the Captivate 4 file is closed and reopened in order to return to the last viewed location, is anything saved to the computer’s hard drive at any point? I’m still not too familiar with Captivate 4, but I’d like to know if all of this happens strictly within the published Captivate 4 file itself, or if the local computer drive is needed at any time. Any help you could provide would be awesome, and I can email you privately in case some of this doesn’t make sense. :^p

    Thanks in advance,

  17. Hi Will,

    The component stores a “Local Shared Object” on the users computer. Basically it’s similar to a cookie that a regular website would store, but this “cookie” cannot be deleted by clearing your cookies in your browser.

    Basically it means that the current progress is stored locally on the users PC and then retrieved again next time they start the Captivate project.

    If you need more info then drop me a mail to admin (at)


  18. My company posts numerous Captivate movies on a corporate Internet site as well as a public site based on Moodle 1.9.
    Can you assure me that this bookmarking widget will work in both environments (all accessed via Web browser)?
    If we should purchase and find the widget doesn’t work, is there a refund?
    (Management is watching every penny and don’t want to waste anything. I know, it’s only $35, but it’s enough for them to say No if there’s no recourse.)

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  20. Hi DB,

    Yes I can assure you that it will work in both cases. Your intranet would work like any other website so that is no problem at all. As for the Moodle installation that would also work provided that you don’t run any type of bookmark / resume function in Moodle already.

    If you publish your SCORM courses directly from Captivate then you need to be sure that “Never send resume data” is disabled when the courses are published. This is Captivate’s own “bookmark” function so if that is enabled there will be a conflict. Other than that I will work anywhere.

    If you want to be sure that it works before purchasing it I can send you a demo version that you can test out. If you are interested in that send me an email to “admin (at)” and I’ll send it to you

    Best regards,

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  23. My bookmarks have stopped working and I do not know why.

    When I updated to the latest animation you sent the program did not bring up the ‘root’ question. I assumed this was because I already had the earlier version.

    When it did not work, I rolled back to the previous version; this one asked the ‘root’ question, but it would still not work.

    It didn’t matter whether or not I published to a server, locally, or a shared drive.

    Can you please give me some advice as to what may be wrong.


  24. I just found our very first version of the bookmark and loaded into the new projects. This bookmark is working fine; it appears to be something with the new bookmark and our machines/servers/files/folders/etc etc

    Any advice is appreciated


  25. Hi Andrew,

    That sounds very strange. Which Captivate version are you using?

    If it is the version for Adobe Captivate 4 then there is a difference from the first version to the latest version as to how it handles the projects name. This is to make sure that the bookmark also will work for projects published as EXE files.

    The new component for Captivate 4 requires that you fill in the project name in the preferences. Click File – Document Info to check if your project name is filled out.


  26. /Michael

    Thanks for that mate; this time I actually read your notes with the animation; not just looked at the image.

    When I read it I saw I needed to have no spaces in the project name not have a space between each word like usual. Did that and it works fine now.

    Thanks for the great animation and the response.


  27. Michael

    I have a lesson with 7 quizes spaced throughout…however it only scores on the lastone. Will your bookmark widget work “between quizes”???

    I tried the free bookmark widget on the Adobe exchange and only works before a quiz…not after…..

    Thanks for the time!
    Kurt M

  28. Michael, first, I want to congratulate you on the new baby. Lukas is a great name! I actually considered it myself for my own son.
    Anyway, are you still selling the Boomark Widget with custom user input? Where do I go to purchase it and can you customize one thing for me?

  29. Hi Pete – thank you ;o)

    The bookmark widget in this post contains all three current versions actually. Therefore just purchase it here and you will get the widget with the custom user input as well.

    Any changes you need then send me an email through the site contact form and we can work it out.


  30. I was using the demonstration link above for the bookmark with user-defined input and it looks as if it’s not working properly since the site’s design was changed. I’ve tried several different computers and browsers and still no luck. Any ideas what’s going on?
    Also, the sentence that provides a hyperlink to the AS2 widget “You can see a demonstration of it here” doesn’t have a distinct color or underline to make the link noticeable.

  31. Hi Pete,

    I just tried the demo and it works fine here. I tried it on two different computers with IE8 and FF3.

    If you enter Pete in the box and then wait until page 2 or 3 – hit Reload and then type Pete again don’t you get the bookmark prompt?

    As for the link – the color of the link is blue, but I agree that it can be hard to see. I do intend to change some of the properties in the near future when I get some more time on my hands.


  32. Sorry, false alarm! I got it to work after all. It looks like we’re not able to use any part of the pre-filled entry “Please enter your name” when testing the bookmark. I guess others should be aware of this as well.
    I was adding a couple characters to it so it wouldn’t accept it unless I deleted what was already there.
    Which brings up a question. In my project, to prevent others from what I did, is there a way to have the cursor blink in the beginning of the entry field rather than at the end so not to tempt the user to add onto what is already there?
    By the way, I am placing my order for one license of the bookmark now.

  33. Or is it possible not to have a cursor dispayed until the user clicks in the box, which will ultimately replace what is there?

  34. Hi Pete,

    Thanks for buying!

    The “Please enter your name” is a text that I defined as an option in the Text Entry Box properties. Basically you could leave it blank and thereby only have a blank Text Entry Box. Any instruction on what the user should do could be placed in a regular text caption then.

    Unfortunately you cannot remove the cursor from the TEB in Captivate.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.


  35. Just noticed another bug in the new design – apparantly all paragraphs are deleted when entering comments so there is no space between then. Another thing to add to the to-do list.


  36. Michael, it looks like the bookmark with user defined input will not accept any spaces! If one enters spaces, the entry won’t be recognized upon returning to the session. That explains why I couldn’t use the pre-filled entry as a login.

  37. @ Pete,

    That’s an error. Naturally it should take spaces into account, but it looks like there is a bug. I will fix it now and send you an updated version by email.


  38. We develop healthcare related courses that are delivered through our website to our facility users, which are Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Homes. Noone actually buys the product outright but pays a fee to take the online class. Which version would we need to purchase? Thanks.

  39. Hi Vince,

    As long as you are delivering the courses through your own website then the regular single user license is just fine. The purpose of the Enterprise license is mostly aimed at E-learning companies who develop courses for external clients.


  40. Hi Michael,

    Q1: Does the bookmark not store user answers for quizzes? When I return to my captivate swf, the answers I already filled in say “You did not answer this question completely” when I review the test.

    Q2: Is there a way to tell if a bookmark has been created? I have links to my captivate swfs on a “table of contents” page and would like to display an icon beside each link if there is a bookmark.


  41. Hi Matt,

    Q1: No it doesn’t. That is not possible. See the explanation under “Requirements / Specifications” in the post above.

    Q2:You as a user can check manually if a bookmark has been created by going to the Shared Objects location on your machine, but there is no way to display an icon on a Table of Content page automatically. This would require custom Flash components in order to check for a bookmark and display an icon.

    Hope this answers your questions – if not just shoot again ;o)


  42. I purchased the bookmark widget a while back, before I had Captivate installed. Now, I have installed Captivate 5 and I am unable to locate the Bookmark widget. Can some help walk me through re-installing it?

  43. @Heidi,

    The existing bookmark widget is not compatible with Captivate 5 since the Widget API has been changed quite a lot.

    I am in the process of re-developing the widget so it will work with Captivate 5 as well so keep an eye on this blog. Hopefully it should be ready in a couple of days or so.


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  45. HI,

    i have adobe captivate 5.5 and have published a presentation as a swf. i don’t recall using this Bookmark widget, yet somehow it pops up when i view the final product. is there some way of removing it from my presentation?
    your assistance will be much appreciated.
    thank you in advance.


    • Hi Cintia,

      If you used the Bookmark Widget then you can simply delete it from your project file and that’s it. However if you can’t recall using it, then chances are that you haven’t and instead it is the self-paced learning prompt popping up.


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