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A user on the Adobe Forum ( asked if it was possible to navigate in Adobe Captivate projects by using a page curl animation. I thought it was a funny idea so I sat down and made a little Corner Peel Navigation widget for Captivate.

Basically it will allow your users to navigate in your Adobe Captivate Projects by using a page curl / corner peel style navigation instead of just plain buttons or the standard playbar. The Corner Peel Widget for Adobe Captivate will work in Adobe Captivate 4 but also in Adobe Captivate 3 since it needs to be inserted as an animation. It should probably also work for Adobe Captivate 2.


[swfobj src=”” width=”453″ height=”393″ align=”center” allowfullscreen=”false”]

You can view a full size demonstration of it here:

Further information:

This widget is – at the moment – only for Adobe Captivate projects using Actionscript 2.0 (AS2).

If you like this widget then check out the other widgets I have on my site.


Below you can download the files to import into your Adobe Captivate project. The fla Flash source files (CS3 format) are also included in case you want to modify them as well as a small help file and a sample Adobe Captivate 4 project.

* This file has been downloaded more than 3600 times now here in May 2010  *


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  1. cowsandcaptivate on

    Hello. I would like to please download this to try it in a Cp 3 project. Will it work there? When I click to download it tells me I need to sign it to download it. But I don’t see a link to do that? I can’t figure out what I need to do in order to access this. Thank you.

  2. cowsandcaptivate :

    Hello. I would like to please download this to try it in a Cp 3 project. Will it work there? When I click to download it tells me I need to sign it to download it. But I don’t see a link to do that? I can’t figure out what I need to do in order to access this. Thank you.

    Hi cowsandcap,

    Yes it will work in CP3. In order to download it you need to be registered on the site. In the right column you will find a link to “register”. Just use that to register and then you will be able to download the component.


  3. This so rox! Be sure to look at the supplied .cp file for guidance on how to use. Looks great… /Michael is right about the exchange…this would be a great addition.


  4. Great Job. Thanks. 🙂 Just tried it in a AS3 project. The animation works there as well, but the movie control doesn’t work. Would be great, if you could create a AS3-Version as well.


  5. Yuri Peixoto :

    Weird thing. I´m trying to open the .fla files, and the software (Flash CS3) give me a message of “unexpected file format”.

    Hi Yuri,

    Most likely I saved the files as CS4 since that is the version of Flash I use.

    I will make a Flash CS3 and Flash 8 version and put in the upload package soon. I am redoing this entire blog at the moment so once that is finished I’ll upload the new package.


  6. Hi, Michael. Thanks for the good input. I will expect the new files eagerly, to add the corner peel in some image transitions here….

    And, I want to use my time here, and see if you can help me with a doubt (noting that I´m very new to Captivate and the Captivate resources).

    There is a way to create an interactive “drawing lesson’ in Captivate?

    I mean, let´s supose, in a MS Paint training, create something like “select rectangle tool, click in point A, drag mouse until point B, and release mouse button to create a rectangle”, and the Captivate “obbey” the user actions with the mouse?

    Thanks in advance.

  7. Hi Yuri,

    The download zip is updated now – The files are now in Flash CS3 format.

    As for your question about an interactive drawing lession in Captivate that is not possible unfortunately. You could demonstrate how to draw something (record it as a demonstration), but there would be no way that the user would be able to interact with it the way you decribe.

    That would have to be developed in Flash.


  8. Thanks, Michael!

    What a pity! Well, I will have to develop something like I said before, to some trainings in graphic design (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) and I have only ‘basic skills’ in Flash. 🙁

    Can you point me to some tutorial about what I need, or (if you know how to do and have some spare time) give me some help?

  9. I’d love to download this however there is advertising over top of the login so I can’t get to it.

  10. Hi Betsy,

    Good to hear you figured it out.

    I still have some “challenges” with the new site design. The login box is one of them – I hope to get everything fixed sooner than later.


  11. This is a nice effect which can be added to my cp project. Few things or wishes if you could consider,

    For AS3 if you could develop similar thing, In Captivate 4 i could not make it work if i have selected externalize skin option in preferences. Also, in Captivate 3 with borders on it did not work.

    changing the page when user drags the page would be really great to have.

  12. Hi Sejal,

    If you externalize the skin in Captivate 4 then the “path” to the Captivate movie changes. Therefore the navigation commands sent by this widget will not work. The same goes for CP3 with borders enabled.

    I will update the component so it will work both in both cases. I will put a notice on the blog when it’s updated.

    As for an AS3 version of the widget. I guess at some point I will update it to AS3 but right now I am busy with some other stuff.


  13. Hello… Michael,

    I love the demo… and can’t pickup on the “HOW 2 Download your Zipped File…
    Basically > “Nothing happens…” The demo is Very Cool.

  14. Hi Tom.

    Downloading the zip file should be as simple as clicking on the “Download” icon. I just tried it and it works perfectly well for me.

    Try right-click on the Download icon and select “Save as”.


  15. traininginsandiego on

    Hi…have followed instructions on importing swf file into captivate program and still won’t work…not sure what I am doing wrong…have Captivate 3…thanks Meredith

  16. Hi Meredith,

    I just tested this with Captivate 3 and it works well here. The only case where it will not work is if you have “Borders” selected. You can check if this is enabled in the Skin Editor in CP3.

    Note that it will not work in preview mode – only when published.


  17. Just to follow-up to my previous post in case anyone else had the same trouble- I had to add a transparent button on the corner of the page so the playback head would pause. There may be a way to have the animation pause, but in Captivate 4, I found that it just kept going to the next page without clicking “Next”. Adding the button took care of it and was a quick fix! Thanks again!

  18. Hello, I would like to try your Corner Peel Widget in CS5 project. Will it work there? Thank you very much for your help!

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