Custom Preloader for Adobe Captivate


Are you tired of using the same old preloaders in your Adobe Captivate projects? Well here is a change – A fully customizable preloader with 9 different color schemes.

You can add your company logo and custom text so that it’s related to your particular project. You will get the source fla for this preloader so you can edit the component yourself. You need at least Adobe Flash 8.0 to edit the component.

Demonstation of the color schemes
Click here to see the different color schemes included in the download. The Adobe Photoshop PSD file is also included in the download so you can easily change the images/colors yourself.

Demonstration on how to change the graphics in Flash
Click here to see a Adobe Captivate presentation on how to change the graphics in Adobe Flash.

Buy the Custom Preloader for Adobe Captivate
Click here to buy the Captivate Custom Preloader (US$10) Buy Now

You will recieve an email with the download link immediately after payment.



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  2. I am interested in purchasing your preloader widget for my captivate 4 projects.

    One question; does it actually work in C4?

    I ask because I have tried using the inbuilt preloaders in C4 to no avail, no matter what I try I cannot get the preloaders to work.

    I have posted my problem in the abobe captivate forum but nobody seems to be able to answer.

    So I am a little relutant to purchase a multiuser account until I am convinced that it actually works.

  3. Hi Andy,

    I just read your post on the Adobe forum and I see that you are working in AS3. This particular preloader is AS2, so it wouldn’t work for your project.

    If you were to use an AS2 project then it would work. However preloaders in Captivate 4 behave strangly sometimes if you have Audio or question pools in your project. This preloader would suffer from the same issues as the stock Captivate preloaders.

    Have you read this post:


  4. I am wondering should I Purchase this. If I decide to purchase, I shall use paypal, as currently I don’t have credit card. Do you support Paypal?

  5. Hi EOQ,

    Yes the payment can be through PayPal as well. At the payment gateway you can choose between credit card or an existing PayPal account.


  6. Does this preloader show accurate progress of the loading, or does it simply loop until the loading has completed?

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