DomainLock Widget Information


Quite some time ago I started working on some widgets that would allow the designer to lock their Adobe Captivate project to a specific domain.

I ended up with a solution ( but it didn’t offer much flexibility in terms of adding domains etc. Therefore I decided to build a new Domain Lock widget from scratch, that would allow the designer to set the domain and stop message directly in the widget properties.

I have been working on this widget today and it looks like it is working beautifully right now. I will do some extensive testing and if all turns out alright it will be uploaded to the site tomorrow.

In short the widget allows you to set a domain (e.g. and then the Adobe Captivate movie where the widget is placed will only play there. If you were to download the project and try to put it on another domain you will get a stop notification and the Adobe Captivate project will stop. There is no way for the user to start the project again. It also protects projects from being downloaded and played locally on a users computer.



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