Pause Widget for Adobe Captivate 4


Sorry – This Adobe Captivate 4 widget has retired. If you are looking for Adobe Captivate widgets for newer versions follow this link. If you are still using Adobe Captivate 4 then it might be time to consider an update – click here to read more about the current version of Adobe Captivate.

A user on the Adobe Captivate forums asked the following question:

When you don’t have any buttons on the screen, the movie advances from one slide to the other till the end.

However, I usually want the movie to pause at the end of each slide. Instead of placing (and configuring) a pause button on each slide, is there a feature available to globally configure such a pause action, e.g. a Widget that is displayed for rest of project?

I thought it was a good idea so I made a small widget that does exactly that. This widget pauses each slides 45 frames before it ends. The 45 frames is equivalent to 1.5 second before the slide timeline ends when you use the default 30 fps publishing settings in Captivate.


If you use the Adobe Captivate playbars then you can just insert this widget on your first page and set it to “display for rest of project” and all your slides will automatically be paused and await user interaction with the navigation buttons in the playbar.




  1. Hi, just like Michael, I wish it would be a updated version of this widget for Captivate 5.5. I think is really useful when you have a slide with many rollover captions only, and you wish the student stays there for a while (and more when is the last slide).

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