Progress Bar

I just layed the finishing touches on my newly developed Flash Progress Bar for Adobe Captivate . Captiv8tor asked in this post if I could make a graphical indication of the progress.


Well I did and you can see it in action here:

I made two different versions – a zero-based and a non-zero-based. I also made it very flexible by allowing users to change settings, looks, colors etc. in an external XML file. That way you don’t need to be a flash guru in order to use it – Actually you don’t even need to have flash installed ;o)
The new Captivate Progress Bar

The new Captivate Progress Bar

More info about how to get your hands on this will follow soon.



  1. Yes!! So when can we get it? It looks good?

    Will it work if I have a course with many chapters?

  2. Hi Captiv8tor,

    This progress bar works for linear courses. That means that if you have alot of branching in your courses it can’t be used. The main function of this progress bar is to show the progress of a single Captivate Project file. Basically a course with one chapter. If you have a course with multiple chapters (SCO’s) it will only show the progress of the chapter the user has open at the specified time. In order to make it show the progres of the whole course package (with multiple SCO’s) it would need to communicate with your LMS platform to get the SCORM progress state. That is a whole different ball-game and much more complicated. Also it’s not really supported in the SCORM standard so you would need to use some sort of SCORM hack to make it happen.

  3. Aah forgot.. I was planning on making this available through Flashden, but I have run into some minor problems. If I can’t make it available through Flashden within the next week or so I will make it available as a direct download from this website instead.