Captivate Shared Object Bookmark function


Just wanted to bring you up to speed on a new project. I started to work on a Captivate bookmark function which uses the Adobe Flash Shared Object functionality. Basically it’s like a Internet cookie and the idea is to have the Captivate project store the progress in the cookie as you view the course. If the user leaves the course before it’s finished they will get an option to restart from where they left of the next time they start the course. This will work independently from an LMS but will only work if the person uses the same computer to access the course, since the data is stored locally.

I’m working out the various kinks now but I hope that by the end of this week I’ll have a working file. Stay tuned for more ;o)



  1. Hey, I’m interested in know if you have completed the bookmarking function and if so, is it available for use??

    This is something my company really would like to incorporate into our Captivate modules.

    • Hi Jay,

      Yeah it seems like I managed to get the cookie bookmark to work. I just need to clean up the code a bit and test it with Captivate 4. It should work alright, but I just want to be 100% sure.

      I expect that I will have it done in the next 10 days or so.

  2. That will be awesome and can’t wait to see it work… been very frustrating to know other authoring tools have this function but not Captivate.

  3. Yeah I had a minor setback due to some issues with the Captivate playbar and border since it messed up the paths. I think I fixed it now but I need to test it out on a couple of different projects first. I’ll test it tomorrow and if all goes well I expect to be done with it no later than thursday this week.

  4. Hey Fredo, did you figure it out? I’m currently working on a flash-shell that loads various captivate modules…on the same page using the captivate variables. I’m using a flash navigation that communicates with captivate as opposed to the captivate’s navigation. How can I ensure the CC text and audio in the captivate will appear on the flash shell? If a user exit’s prematurely how can they get back to the last slide/page they viewed? Upon completion I would like to have a check box showing they are done viewing each separate module…currently I have set up the modules on a menu item and when they click exit they get checked off but I would like to make sure they view all the slides/modules concurrently without skipping…your thoughts?