Captivate Stage Scale Mode and Widgets


In most Adobe Captivate Widgets there are a couple of lines of code that are intended to restrict the scale mode of the Widget. This is needed to align the properties panel of the widget properly and avoid distortion of it.

stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;

However this restriction of the stage scale mode also have another undesired effect. Actually this code runs down the display list and will directly effect the Captivate stage as well. This causes the undesired effect that you cannot scale or resize your Adobe Captivate SWF anymore.

For example I developed a Adobe Captivate Widget for a customer that was using Connect Pro to deliver his content. Connect Pro should autoscale the Captivate SWF’s so that they would fit into the course player. He had no problems with Adobe Captivate SWF’s that didn’t contain any widgets, but as soon as he added a widget (stock widget or custom widget) then the Adobe Captivate SWF would not scale anymore.

The same problem will occur if you for example are using a Flash Shell to load Adobe Captivate SWFs – if they contain widgets you will no longer be able to rescale the Captivate SWF at runtime.

Here are a couple of forum threads describing the problem:

I created a small Adobe Captivate Widget that will (in some cases) offset the problem and allow you to scale the original Captivate SWF even though your project contains widgets.  You can download the Widget here.

Stage Scale Widget AS3 (1346 downloads)




  1. I dig the widget… in fact, I had to tell my html pages to go 100% before this came along… one fix suggestion, though. It doesn’t scale the page uniformly. It only retains the full vertical and horizontal within the page if you also maintain aspect when dragging. Some of the content gets chopped, otherwise.

    • Hi Miles,

      Unfortunately when this widget removes the stage scale restrictions it will remove them all together and will not keep the content scaled proportionally. I don’t see an immediate solution for this so you will need to do it manually unfortunately.


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