Quick Tip: Captivate sub- and superscript


Just thought I would make a quick post about sub- and superscript in Adobe Captivate.

It is not clear from the documentation or the Captivate software itself, how you make sub- and superscript in your textboxes so here is the solution.

To make superscript you mark the relevant text and then click “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “+”.

To make subscript you mark the relevant text and click “Ctrl” + “+”.

The “+” sign need to be the one on your main keyboard – not the one on the numeric keyboard.

If you are using transparent text boxes you need to insert a bullet point in your text caption. This is due to a bug in Adobe Captivate. You can read more about the “power” of the bullet point in this post: https://www.cpguru.com/2008/12/01/fuzzyunreadable-text-in-adobe-captivate/



  1. Hi,
    I’m trying to use superscripts and subscripts in captivate 4 in a multiple choice question. I can not get the procedure above to work. Any suggestions? Thank-you for your time.