Webcam Widget for Adobe Captivate


Well actually it’s not really a widget, but I didn’t know what else to call it. I have been messing around with getting a livestream of video into Flash. The videostream would originate from a webcam and I was planning to use it in a presentation.


Unfortunately I found out that it isn’t possible to live stream video into Flash without using the Adobe Flash Media Server and that is still pretty darn expensive. I found a free alternative called Red5 ( but it’s just too much trouble to setup for what I needed it for.

Anyways since I played around with Flash and Webcams I thought I would see if it was possible to get a users webcam video into an Adobe Captivate project. It turns out that it was really easy to do that so here you are ;o)

In case anyone of you can use this “widget” for anything you can download it free below. Just import it into Adobe Captivate as any other Flash Animation. You can resize the animation and the video will scale to those proportions.

Click here to see a demonstration

Download the Webcam Widget Captivate Webcam Widget (2433 downloads)

The widget uses AS2 and of course requires that you have a webcam installed.


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