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General information about Adobe Captivate

0 What is Adobe Captivate really?

According to this is their summary of what Adobe Captivate really is:

AdobeĀ® CaptivateĀ® 3 software enables anyone to rapidly create powerful and engaging simulations, scenario-based training, and robust quizzes without programming knowledge or multimedia skills.

That’s only a half-truth actually because Adobe Captivate is much much more. In my company we use Captivate to build entire E-learning courses from scratch. Basically we have adopted Captivate as the framework for our courses.

0 Opening Curtain – US$ 6

A nice and smooth animation of an opening stage curtain in red. Great for introductions or announcements in your courses.

You will need Adobe Flash in order to edit the text in the file.

0 XML based Item Slider – US$ 20

Here’s another great and interactive component to display information in courses or on websites.

It’s easy to customize and use in your projects.

It’s XML based so you don’t even need to use Adobe Flash to change it.

0 XML based Accordion Menu – US$ 10

An excellent component, which can be used as a menu in your courses and at just US$ 10 it’s a steal.

It’s easy to change images and descriptions of this file and require no working knowledge of Adobe Flash. The images are loaded from an external folder and the links/descriptions are read form an external XML file.

0 Stock Flash Components

Well I thought that I would kickstart the blog by adding some posts about some of the various components I have been using in E-learning courses recently.

Most of my production of E-learning is done in Adobe Captivate 3. It’s a great program and the ability to add Flash content is one I use alot.

0 Welcome!

Hello and welcome to my new site – Captivate 4 E-learning blog. In the near future you will be able…

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