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General information about Adobe Captivate

0 The insider!

Just stumbled upon this blog which gives some good insight in the upcomming Captivate 4. Looks very interesting.. I…

0 SCORM Diagnostic SCO

The SCORM Diagnostic SCO is developed by Claude Ostyn and allows you to test your LMS SCORM runtime environment capabilities. It manages SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 standards.

This is a great way to ensure that you LMS adheres to the SCORM protocol and can be used to test various suppliers before you sign a contract with them.

2 Captivate 4 sneak-peak

Adobe showed off some of the new features in the upcomming Captivate 4/Captivate Next at the Adobe Learning Summit in San Jose on November 10th.

Unfortunately I wasn’t present at the ALS myself, but I found this exciting blogentry from Steve Howard that explains some of the new features.

0 XML driven Page Flip book – US$ 30

This is one of my favourite components at the moment. In a lot of courses you need to have external PDF files with additional information. I was getting bored with the plain old non-interactive boring way of displaying PDF’s and found this component. It’s really a great way to highten the experience for the user. Furthermore this component allows the user to download your PDF file as well, which I haven’t seen before.

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