Changing the text in the Adobe Captivate capture text captions


When you are recording something in Adobe Captivate it will automatically add captions in your recording.

Examples: “Double-click the xxxx dialog”, “The xxxx window opens” or “Select the xxx check box”.

This is very helpful but in some cases you end up editing these automatic captions anyway to add punctuation or perhaps to change the wording.

If you find yourself making the same changes again and again, then it would be a better option to make these changes directly in the file Captivate uses to create the captions. With this approach you make the change(s) one time and it will be used whenever you record a new project.

These auto captions template files are found in the directory where you installed Adobe Captivate and are called “CaptureTextTemplates_language.rdl“. You can open up the file with Notepad and edit the text, which can help you save time the next time you are recording a project.

This is a typical text caption node in the CaptureTextTemplates_english.rdl file:

<Object Name=”Dialog” DefaultTemplate=”Click the %s dialog”>
<Event Name=”LeftDBClick” Template=”Double-click the %s dialog”/>
<Event Name=”RightClick” Template=”Right Click the %s dialog”/>
<Event Name=”RightDBClick” Template=”Double-click the %s dialog”/>
<Event Name=”MiddleDBClick” Template=”Double-click the %s dialog”/>
<Event Name=”KeyPress” Template=”Press %s key”/>


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