For freelance services or support of paid widgets

Please use the contact form below if you have inquires about freelance work, need support for a widget you have purchased or have questions about the widgets for sale here.

I get alot of emails everyday so I cannot answer general questions about Captivate unfortunately. For general questions about Adobe Captivate please use the official Adobe Captivate Forum. Read more about my support here –

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Please include as much information as possible if you contact me for freelance work or if you have trouble with widgets. As a minimum I need the following if you are having problems with a paid widget:

  • The widget’s name
  • The version of the widget (found in the Widget Properties Panel).
  • The full version number of Adobe Captivate you are using (found in the Help Menu – About Captivate).
  • A description of the problem you are having.

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    If you are contacting me for other reasons that Captivate / Flash / Widget development etc. then I have included a couple of Q&A’s here that will save both of us time.

    Question: Can you place a link to my website from your site?
    Answer: Probably not. I only link to other websites that I myself find useful.

    Question: Can I buy link placements on your blog main page or any of your blog posts?
    Answer: No. I only link to other websites that I myself find useful.

    Question: Can we do a link trade so that you link to me and I link to you?
    Answer: No. I only link to other websites that I myself find useful.

    Question: Hey I have this great product that I would love for you to review – Can you please do that?
    Answer: Unless the product is specifically related to eLearning development then no. I will not review your revolutionary new pet tracking software or any other products outside of my particular area of interest.

    Question: If I pay you will you do a positive review of my eLearning related product?
    Answer: No (although if you pay me 1 million $ I will probably reconsider). In the very rare cases when I actually do review products then you can expect my honest opinion of your product for better and for worse.

    Question: Hey I got this great SEO trick that will make your website be at the top of the Google results. Can we do some ninja SEO link/swap/trade stuff?
    Answer: No

    Question: Hi, I would love to do a guest post on your blog. I am a skilled writer and can write an article about any topic that you like.
    Answer: Thank you but no thank you. If you would like to have a guest post on my blog then you shouldn’t have to ask me what to write about. If you can write an intelligent, meaningful article or tutorial about a specific problem or area in Adobe Captivate then I might be interested. Send your completed article to me through the contact section and if I find it interesting and valuable I might post it on the blog.