Domain Lock Widget for Adobe Captivate 5


I have now finished “updating” the Domain Lock Widget for Adobe Captivate 5. Actually it was more than just an update because I had to change quite a few things in order to make this work. The AS3 Domain Lock Widget for Adobe Captivate 4 used some objects placed off-stage to handle the domain check. However in Captivate 5 it seems like any objects placed off-stage are rendered inactive by Captivate.

Anyways Рthe widget is finished and in working condition now.

If you previously bought the AS3 Domain Lock Widget for Adobe Captivate 4 you should have recieved an email with a free upgrade. If you haven’t recieved it please contact me.

You can find the Domain Lock Widget for Adobe Captivate4 and Adobe Captivate 5 here.


Screenshot of the Domain Lock Widgets properties in Adobe Captivate 5:

Domain Lock Widget for Adobe Captivate 5 properties



  1. I am developing an eLearning for a multinational company and I want to add the domain lock widget to it. The company is going to host the eLearning on their Intranet server. I want to know if it is possible to add this widget in such a way that the eLearning works on any Intranet server they host the eLearning on. For example, if I put the lock domain as *, will it work if the asterisk represents any server name, sub-domain or anything else.

  2. Michael, I recently purchased the domainlock widget. From all accounts, I am satisfied with the product.

    I have one question, can domainlock stop swf decompilers or do I need to purchase another product to mitigate that threat?

    • @Rudy – The domainlock widget does not incorporate any form of obfuscation or encryption of the Captivate file unfortunately. It only makes sure that the Captivate file is playable from the domain that you authorize.

      You would need to use a specific SWF encryption tool to stop swf decompilers. I recommend that you download trials of variety of the available products and try them on your Captivate file one by one. Some of them does seem to have weird effects on Captivate files, so be sure to try before you buy.


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