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Sorry for the long wait, but finally my Adobe Captivate Progress Bar have been approved for sale on Flashden.

You can buy it now by clicking on the link below:

The price is US$5.

Here is the description I wrote at Flashden.

The progress bar is a flash based component which you can load into your Adobe Captivate projects to show the user his/her current progress in the course/project. It is fully automatic and gives your users/learners a great indication of when the chapter/course they are doing is finished.

The progress bar works by using the Adobe Captivate system variables and retrieving data for current slide and total number of slides. The progress is illustrated graphically with a bar.

The progress bar component can be customized in an external XML file. That means you don’t need Adobe Flash in order to edit it or for example change the colors.

The progress bar works for projects with and without skins and borders but you need to define whether your project has a skin or not in the XML file.

In the XML file you can define the following things:

– Starting coordinates of the Progress bar
– Length of the Progress bar
– Thickness of the Progress bar
– Stroke color
– Progress bar color
– Whether or not you want the Progress bar to drop a shadow
– Starting coordinates for the two textboxes
– Font for the text
– Font size
– Font color
– Whether or not your Captivate project uses the Captivate skin/playback control

Two different Progress Bars are included. One is zero based and the other is not. You can see the difference in the preview above.

All actionscript in the flash files are commented in case you want to edit/change something. An exhaustive Help file is also included, which explains the XML parameters in detail as well as gives answers to the most common questions/problems.

Please note! This Progress bar is intented to be used with Adobe Captivate only and will not work with anything else.

The Progress Bar works in standalone projects published on the web or your company intranet as well in LMS environments.

Hope you enjoy the file and if you have any other requests for files to be used in connection with Adobe Captivate please let me know.

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  1. Thanks I bought this and it works fine. Is it possible to have a progress bar that works for a course with multiple chapters?

    Cheers John

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  3. Duncan Buchanan on


    I am currently working on a project where I need to load multiple captivate files (topics) into flash to create an e-Learning module. I have greated a progress indicator which indicates how far through the module you are. This is working correctly, however I would like to display more information.

    Currently it only moves the progress indicator when a particular topic (captivate swf) has been viewed, what I would like to do is also make the progress indicator move when the user moves to a new slide within the captivate movie.

    As I mentioned the multiple captivate moveis are being loaded into Flash, and that is where the progress indicator is currently sitting (controlled by actionscript). Is there any way of Flash finding out when the user has navigated to a new slide within Captivate. I have noticed in the output that every time a new slide is viewed the following code is displayed to the output:

    deepak branching : scripteval:[object Object];

    Can I call a listener function testing for this action/function?

    Kind regards,


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