Fix for the Adobe Captivate 5 and Flash Player issue


The Adobe Captivate team has released a fix for the problem with Adobe Captivate 5 content not working with Flash Player

You can find the fix here.

The fix requires you to republish all your content ;o) I’m so happy that I don’t use Text Animations in my courses. Imagine having to republish over 40 hours of E-learning produced with Captivate 5.



  1. On my browsers (Firefox 3.6.13 and Chrom 8.0.552.231 with Flash Player 10,1,102,64) I get a message asking “Would you like to continue from the point of your last visit?” Pressing Yes brings the same message up again. Pressing No makes the page go blank.
    Is this a new bug?

  2. @ Laura,

    I’m not aware of that bug but I’ll try and test it tomorrow. Is it when using the TOC Bookmark in Captivate 5 that you are getting this problem?