Free TOC Button Widget for Adobe Captivate (AS3)


This version of the widget has been discontinued – please go to this post instead: TOC Button Widget for Adobe Captivate 



Custom TOC button Widget for Adobe Captivate


A free Adobe Captivate Widget that will allow you to control a TOC in overlay mode from your own button. The Adobe Captivate widget is an AS3 widget compatible with Adobe Captivate 4 AS3 and Adobe Captivate 5 + Adobe Captivate 5.5 projects.

The widget will automatically hide the >> arrows from a TOC in overlay mode and it is transparent so you can place it on top of your own button graphics.

Update 03/09/2011: The Custom TOC Button Widget has now been updated and the bug with the TOC not functioning correctly after navigating backwards have been fixed.

Please download the latest version of the widget by clicking the Download link below.

Download the widget here:

Please go here TOC Button Widget for Adobe Captivate to get the latest version of the widget.

If you want to take a look at which other widgets that are available for Adobe Captivate 4 and Adobe Captivate 5 then click here.



  1. Cheryl Winters on

    LOVE the widgets, but having a couple of issues:

    1. Title page has 2 widgets (tocButtonWidget.swf and hideTocDurationWidget.swf) minimized to lower left corner as TOC is not used on this slide. No playbar in this project.

    2. User clicks forward (image button) on screen to proceed to slide 2.

    3. Slide two (and rest of slides) has a backward and forward image button on screen for user navigation. Also has custom image button (Open/Close TOC) using tocButtonWidget.swf ; Slide content image contains click box set to wait for user to click and on failure (click anywhere else) a caption appears.

    4. User clicks the TOC button and opens the TOC, clicks again to close TOC and the click box interprets this (second) click as a failure and displays failure caption.

    How can I avoid this?


    If the user goes back to any previous slide, the Open/Close TOC widget displays only the close action. This is true until the user goes forward to a new slide that has not yet been viewed, at which point the TOC widget works correctly again (as long as user keeps going forward, not back).

    I’m using CP5, AS3, Windows XP and I’ve tried publishing for Flash 9 and Flash 10 with no difference.
    Can you help?


  2. I don’t think you can avoid that behaviour unfortunately. If you have a click box that will count outside clicks as a failure then this will take precende over anything else.

    As for the second part of your question I’ll try and look in to it. That does sound a bit strange.


  3. Hi Michael,
    I found this wonderful A3 widget after posting a comment on the AS2 build-your-own flash solution. However, it’s not working for me. I have confirmed that my project is set to AS3 and even made sure the widget is at the top of the stack (not sure that matters).

    Here’s what happens. My image button displays and the arrow TOC button is gone. I try to click my TOC button, but no response. When I click the playbar’s TOC button, the TOC displays along with the >> button, which now stays visible and overlays my custom button.

    Any advice?

  4. @ Kymm,

    Are you using CP4 or CP5? The widget seem to work fine for me in both versions of Captivate, but I do have some reports of it not working from other people.

    If you are using CP4 make sure your project is set to AS3.


  5. @ Kymm,

    Try and send me an email through my site and I’ll answer back. Then you can send me a sample project with the widget that doesn’t work for you and I’ll try and take a quick look at it.

    One thing – my schedule is totally packed right now so I can’t guarantee you a quick answer.


  6. Someone please, PLEASE develop a certificate of completion widget in Captivate 5 that does NOT include course duration. Or tell me HOW to import widgets from Captivate 4 into Captivate 5. I’ve been all over the web, and so many people have this same problem. They will definitely pay $20 a pop to fix this problem!

  7. hello, this widget sounds exactly what i’m after. i’m new to captivate and not familiar with flash/programmer. what’s the next step after download? i’m using cs5. thanks

    • Hi Lori,

      Simply download the widget to your computer and insert it into Captivate by using the “Insert – Widget” menu in captivate. Once the widget is imported into Captivate then the Widgets Properties box will show you any futher instructions you will need.


  8. Hi Michael

    I love this widget, it is exactly what I need, *however* it doesn’t seem to work once I aggregate the projects – do you know if there is a setting I can change to get this working?

    I hope you can help, thanks so much.


    • Hi Amanda,

      There are no settings to change so it must be something else causing the issue. I haven’t tested it with aggregated projects myself, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t work. I’ll try and take a look at it and see if I can figure out what is creating the problem but right now I’m pretty busy so I cant guarantee when I will have the time unfortunately.


  9. Hello!

    I am experiencing a similar problem as Cheryl and Carolyn. The widget works great until you go backwards or to a previously visited slide. For me, the TOC won’t go away. You click the button and it disappears for a split second but then comes right back. Or it also does the opposite where it comes out for a split second and then disappears.

  10. Hi Michael,
    I use this widget in a Captivate 5/ AS3 project. Is its possible to let turn the mouse into the hand symbol hovering over it? I use it in the entire project, on task slides as well.
    Many thanks for your answer.

    • Hi Pawel,

      Good question actually! I’ll take a look at it when I have to address the bug that people have been reporting about this widget.


  11. I will look into the problems that people are describing about the widget acting weird if you navigate backwards in a project, but I’m currently swamped with projects. It is on my to-do list and I will take a look at is asap.


  12. This widget is awesome !!!

    Are there already news concerning the problem when going to a slide back (I have the same problem)? When might there be news?

    Looking forward to reading from you 🙂

  13. The Custom TOC Button Widget has now been updated and the bug with the TOC not functioning correctly after navigating backwards have been fixed.

    Please download the latest version of the widget by clicking the Download link in the post.


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