Tutorial: How to make Thai soup ;o)


I know… It’s not exactly a headline you would expect to see on a blog about Captivate but here goes.

A couple of years ago I made a joke with my boss. He and his family had been to Thailand many times and loves the Thai soup – Tom Yam Goong. Since my wife is Thai he asked me many times when I would bring some soup for him at work. I decided to make some fun with him and made a quick and dirty tutorial in Captivate on how to make the Tom Yam Goong soup.

I just stumpled upon the files today while cleaning up my harddrive and thought why not convert it to CP4 – add some flash components / widgets and make it available here. So that’s what I did. I added my Bookmark component, a custom preloader, a progress bar and some other stuff and uploaded the course.

Keep in mind that the pictures and videos were made with my Sony digital camera 2½ years ago so the quality isn’t the best.

You watch the tutorial by cliking on the link or the image below and hopefully it will give you an understanding on how to make this delicious Thai soup ;o)

Screenshot of the Thai Soup tutorial



  1. hi man, how are you?
    i have some question about captivate,sorry i cannot find any where to ask them,
    when i publish my training in swf format, how i can disable rightclick in flash player?!
    i want use it into one project, that i want rightclick be disable.
    may you help me?!