If you received a Purchase Receipt on March 7th please read


Today I sent out some update notifications for a couple of widgets that has been updated to work with Adobe Captivate 6.1.

For some reason yet unknown to me, my merchant system also sent a copy of a “sales notice” to all previous buyers of these widgets. This is an error in the system and you will not be charged for anything. 

Although subscription and “software as a service” is a very popular concept now – the widgets here on www.cpguru.com has always been pay once and use forever. Therefore you will never see any recurring charges or additional collections from me. Actually I cannot initiate any payments through the system on your behalf – every sale and every transaction requires your personal touch and acceptance.

I’m really sorry for the confusion this have caused. I’m currently in dialog with the Merchant system vendor to identify why this happened in the first place.

Below here is the email I sent out right after I noticed the problem:

Sorry about all the emails today.

I sent out updates on a couple of widgets today (you should have received an Update Notification) but unfortunately my merchant system also sent out a Purchase Receipt for some reason.

This is an unfortunate error in my Merchant System and you will NOT be charged for anything.

I’m truly sorry for the inconvenience.





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