Image/Banner Rotator – US$ 10

Image of the Image/Banner rotator

Image of the Image/Banner rotator

A quick and easy way to add life to your courses or website. This Image rotator is XML driven so you don’t need working knowledge of Adobe Flash in order to use it.

Description from the author:

• XML Driven
• Resizable – automatically layout based on movie size
• Full customizable color through XML (title color, text color, line color, number color, progress bar color)
• Add title and description text as many as you wish (multi line text)
• Support HTML text
• Unlimited load images/swf files
• You can set speed for images change
• You can change text background opacity (_alpha)
• All animation is using script
• Set timer individually for each image/swf (timer is second based)
• You can change fade in speed for images from xml file

Click here to take a look at the file.



  1. it would be nice to buy this, but there is no link or explanation as to how to. Already spent 10 minutes screwing with it and creating some Envato account and I can neither find a product link or a place to buy. I have 30 more seconds before being down for 8 hours so it would have been nice to get it down now…

  2. Hi Peyton,

    There is a link in my post “Click here to take a look at the file”. That will take you directly to the product page. In the top right corner there is a “Buy now” button, which should allow you to purchase the component.


  3. Thanks!

    LOL I got a cryptic “Please review the following issues that occurred
    Sorry peytonking, you cannot afford this item: it costs $10.00 and you have $0.00 “.

    This time I dug deeper and saw where I have to deposit 20.00 to get the 10.00 item. np


  4. Hmmm, bought it and pulled it down; is apparently corrupted however as it will not unpack… procedures?

  5. Hi Peyton,

    Sometimes the zip file gets corrupted when it’s downloaded. Just try and download it again and then it should work fine.