Important information about Adobe Captivate 6.1 and Widgets!


Update March 2013: I am slowly going through my widgets updating them to work with Adobe Captivate 6.1. Existing buyers will receive notification by email with a link to download the updated product.

I have been getting reports that some of the widgets offered on sale here does not work with the Adobe Captivate 6.1 released for subscription users. Since I do not have a subscription license for Adobe Captivate, I am not eligible for this update and therefore have no way of checking if my widgets work or not.

I therefore recommend that if you have a subscription license of Adobe Captivate you should download a trial version of the widget first and verify that it works. If the widget you want to purchase does not have a trial version available, contact me through my site and I’ll see if I can get a trial version up and running.

All widgets for sale on work with Adobe Captivate 5, Adobe Captivate 5.5, Adobe Captivate 6.0 and Adobe Captivate



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