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  2. Michael do you know if the directions for merging multiple Raptivity interactions into Captivate works with Cp5? I’ve tried it with Cp4 but it still seems glitchy to me. Have you had success with this?

  3. Hi Pete. It is still a bit glitchy with CP4 but it is possible to get it to work. However, you will not get it to work with Captivate 5 since that is a pure AS3 environment. Raptivity is – as far as I know – only AS2.


  4. Michael,
    I came across this thread in Raptivity’s forum in regards to successful Cp5 compatibility. Do you know what to make of this?

    I also have a question for you. Is there a way to remove some of the introduction screens that Raptivity includes with their interactions like Spin the Wheel. I know I can remove the audio but I wish we could get rid of the first intro screen they include with these.

    Here’s the link and the thread is below: http://www.raptivity.com/RaptivityCommunity/forum_posts.asp?TID=242

    Quote Reply Topic: Adobe Captivate 5 compatibility…
    Posted: Today at 2:20am
    There’s a great news for all Captivate users. I just tried out the new version of Captivate 5 and Raptivity works seamlessly with Captivate 5. This time you can successfully embed multiple files of Raptivity in Captivate 5 directly (without the need of any additional shell or loader file of Raptivity).

    The following steps helped me accomplish this.

    1) Start Adobe Captivate and create a New Project by selecting the “Blank Project” option.

    2) Click on the menu ‘InsertàAnimation’ to browse for the published flash output(.swf) of Raptivity.

    3) Save and then Publish. To Publish click on the menu ‘FileàPublish’ in Captivate. (If you select a different location for saving, please ensure that you Publish at the same location as well)

    4) Repeat the same steps to add the next flash (.swf) file of Raptivity on a new slide in Captivate 5.

    Hope this helps.

    Joeann Rodriques

  5. @ Pete,

    I just recieved an email from guy who tested CP5 and Raptivity 6.0 and he also reported that it seemed to work fine. I read a similar thing on the Adobe Forum so it seems like all good news.

    In regards to modifying the Raptivity files I have no clue. I never really used it much so I can’t say if it’s possible to remove or modify those screens.