Intelligent Print Widget updated to v1.4


The Intelligent Print Widget for Adobe Captivate has been updated to version 1.4.

There are no new features in this widget and the update is solely a bug fix. Some users on older Mac Operating Systems reported that the widget would occasionally print blank pages only. This new update takes care of this problem.

All previous buyers of the widget should have recieved an email from the merchant system with instructions on how to download the new version. If you previously bought the AS3 Intelligent Print Widget and did not recieve an email then contact me through my site.

I am also working on a brand new edition of the Print Widget that will replace the existing versions. The new widget will contain many new features and allow you to customize your print-out to greater detail and also allow you to use your own “print button” from within Captivate. It is a complete rewrite from scratch and I’m pretty far in the process. I expect that the widget will go live at the end of this week.┬áPrevious buyers of the “old” Print Widget will recieve a discount code by email that will give 50% discount on the price for the new widget.




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