January 2013 update


Today two new widgets – The Calculator Widget and the Rounding Widget – was released here on the website. These two widgets were developed because I saw a couple of posts and requests around on various forums and social media, so I figured they would be a nice addition to the growing library of Adobe Captivate Widgets.

I’m working on one other widget that I hope to release later this week, which will be a free widget that helps take care of a very specific problem with the TOC Self-paced Learning option.

Then if all goes well I’ll update the Replay Slide Widget so it works with Adobe Captivate 6 as well. I didn’t update it earlier because you can actually achieve a “Replay slide” functionality directly in Captivate 6 without using a widget, but I recieved quite a few mails from people that prefer the widget solution. (Edit: This widget is now updated)

On a more long-term basis I’m working on 4 new widgets for Adobe Captivate. I won’t go into too many details right now because some of them are still in their very early stages, but once I have something more concrete I’ll make a post about it.

However I can say that one of the widgets I am working on is inspired by the Adobe Course Companion Tracker Widget that Adobe supplies with Captivate. I recently got into big trouble with this widget and it inspired me to look into an alternative solution.

I also plan on updating the Glossary Widget and the Intelligent Print Widget in the near future to take advantage of a new way to tie into Adobe Captivate button events, which will make it much easier to use on multiple slides.



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