Whenever you purchase a widget from CPGURU you will need to download a ZIP file from the site. This ZIP file contains the widget itself along with any other relates files such as help documentation, external scripts, and sample projects.

The first step is therefore to unzip the file you downloaded.

When you unzip the file, make sure that you save the widget files on your computer where you can access them easily. I recommend against saving the widget files in the installation directory of Adobe Captivate as any third-party widget you save here, will be deleted if you reinstall Adobe Captivate.

Once you have saved the widget on your computer, you can open Adobe Captivate and go to the “Insert” menu and select “Widget” or use the keyboard shortcut, Shift+Ctrl+W. You cannot double-click on the widget on your computer and open it in Adobe Captivate.

When you insert the widget for the first time, the Widget Properties panel will automatically open up.

The properties panel will look different depending on which widget you have inserted. The above example is the Reporting Widget.

In the properties panel, you will fill out the relevant information/parameters in order to specify how the widget should behave in your project. Before doing this, you should have read the Help Documentation as each widget is different and may well have special instructions or requirements.

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