Customizing the Email from Google Sheets

You can easily customize the email that Google sends out. In the Google Sheet, click the “EMAIL” tab.


This will open up the sheet containing the text that is being sent out as an email. By default it looks something like this:

The email allows you to merge variables into the email and automatically substitute them with the value of the variable. You can use the following merge variables:

${“adminEmail”} – The receiver email address
${“senderEmail”} – The sender email address
${“emailSubject”} – The subject of the email
${“projectName”} – The Project Name
${“username”} – The Users name
${“dateCompleted”} – The date the course was completed
${“timeCompleted”} – The time the course was completed
${“elapsedTime”} – The amount of time the user spent in the course
${“quizPassed”} – True/False that shows if the quiz was passed
${“quizTotalAvailablePoints”} – The total number of points available in your quiz
${“quizUserPoints”} – The amount of points the user scored
${“quizPointsNeededForPass”} – The amount of points needed for a pass
${“quizUserQuizPercentage”} – Shows the quiz percentage
${“quizAttempts”} – Shows the number of attempts the user has used on the quiz
${“quizQuestions”} – The amount of quiz questions in the course
${“quizQuestionsCorrect”} – The amount of quiz questions answered correctly
${“quizQuestionsUnanswered”} – The amount of quiz questions answered incorrectly or skipped
${“v_email”} – The student email address from the v_email variable (if selected in Widget Properties)

${“QuestionData”} – Variable that holds all information about the questions answered – Example:

Question: Select the planets in our solar system
Learner Response: A-Earth;B-Uranus;D-Saturn;E-Mars
Correct: true

In addition to the above variables, you can access any custom variable you have transferred to Google Sheets by following the same naming convention:


The <br> that you see in the email, adds a linebreak so you can use this to format the mail as well.

I recommend that you copy the existing mail template to Notepad or similar (do not use Word or any other text processing application) and make your edits there. Once you have edited your email, paste it back into the cell in the sheet.


Video tutorial:


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