General information about the Reporting Widget

The Reporting Widget is an HTML5 based widget that allows you to send data from Adobe Captivate to Google Sheets and/or send data by email. The Reporting Widget also offers the ability to send emails via a PHP script that you must upload to your own web server.

The Reporting Widget also currently supports projects published to SWF (Flash based output) although there are some minor differences between the HTML5 output and the SWF based output. The SWF based version will need to display a pop-up window to the user in order to transfer the data to Google Sheets – this is not needed with the HTML5 output.

Functionality using Google services:

The Reporting Widget allows you to transfer data directly to Google Sheets and use Google mail service to send an email to an email address of your choosing. The widget will transfer the following data by default:

  • Users name (picked up from the Captivate variable cpQuizInfoStudentName)
  • Course name (picked up from the Project Name in File – Project info)
  • Date completed
  • Time completed
  • Time spent (shows the amount of time the user spent in your course)
  • Quiz Passed (True / False)
  • Quiz max points
  • Points scored
  • Quiz percentage
  • Quiz attempts

In addition to the information above you can also transfer Question Data, which will add each question in your quiz to the sheet along with the users’ answer and an indication of if it was answered correctly or not.

Finally, the Reporting Widget gives you the option of transferring any custom variables (or system variables) that you like:

You also have the option of having an email sent to you (or any other email address you specify) whenever a new result is registered.


Functionality using the external PHP script:

If for some reason you do not want to use Google Services to store or send your data, you can use the PHP script that is supplied with the widget. This PHP script must be uploaded to your own webserver and the widget will use this to send an email to the email address you specify.

The PHP script uses the standard PHP sendmail functionality which is enabled on most web servers today. You also have the option of using a regular SMTP server to send the email if you like. By using an SMTP server you will greatly reduce the chance of the email ending up in the users’ junk/spam folder.

If you use the PHP script you will receive an email that looks something like this:



Publishing to Flash based / SWF output:

If you publish your project to Flash/SWF output you must publish your project to Flash Player 11. This is selected in the Publish Project dialog box. The widget will not work if your Adobe Captivate project is not published to Flash Player 11!



If you are using Google Services with the widget, this is subject to the rules, regulations, and limitations of the service as defined by Google. Current quotas for Google Services can be found here:

Currently, the free consumer version of a Google account, allows you to send up to 100 email messages per day.  If you need to send more than 100 emails per day, you can either opt to use the PHP script in the widget and send the emails through your own PHP / SMTP server, or upgrade your free Google Account to a G Suite Basic, G Suite Business, G Suite for Education, G Suite for Nonprofits, or Google Apps for Government account.

If you use the widget in a project that contains Knowledge Check questions AND publish to SWF/Flash, the widget will not work with the SWF based output. It will still work with the HTML5 based output just fine.


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