Questions and Answers about the Reporting Widget.

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Question: I don’t need all the columns in row A-K. Can I delete them?
Answer: No. When you click the “Reset All” menu item in the CPGURU menu, it will reset the sheet and return a blank sheet with the minimum required columns and headings. You cannot change these in any way as this will prevent the widget and the script from working. If you really need these changed, it can be done as a custom development.

Question: I would really like to rename the column rows for my custom variables – is this possible?
Answer: No – the header row needs to keep the naming that appears when the widget sends data to the script for the first time. You cannot change this. However, what you can do, is to add a second row just below the header row and add your own names to each of the cells. Once you are happy with the result, you can hide the original header row in the sheet.

Example of custom headers


To hide the original row 1, right-click on it and select “Hide Row”




Question: How many questions can my project contain?
Answer: I have tested this with projects containing 100 questions without any issue and in theory there shouldn’t be any limitation on the number of questions you can have.

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