Lots of changes under the hood = faster CPguru ;o)


Last weekend my site was hacked by someone using an exploit in a script. This caused a small amount of downtime, but more importantly it made me prioritize going over my site. This is something I have had on my to-do list for a very long time, but it has been neglected in favor of more interesting projects ;o)

So the last couple of days has been filled with joyful times of going through JavaScript files updating them to the latest versions, pruning PHP files and deleting a lot of files on the webserver in general. I also made quite a few changes under the hood of the site itself. Generally you should be getting much better performance from the site now. The initial page load size has been reduced with 45% and I have removed a lot of database calls etc. that wasn’t crucial to the site operation. I also worked on setting up a decent cache routine on the site, which agains means better performance.

Actually the load time for me has been reduced with 300% so that is actually way more than I had thought would be possible.

Hopefully you should all feel the difference and get a better user experience from visiting www.cpguru.com




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